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Rapid Access Clinic Low Back Pain: Text

Dr. Chow is an Advanced Practice Provider with the Rapid Access Clinics for Low Back Pain (RAC LBP) at both Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Toronto Western Hospital. The purpose of this OHIP-covered service is to provide an assessment, diagnosis, and education for your low back pain, as well as exercise prescription, but not therapy (in other words, Dr. Chow will not be providing treatment to you). If necessary, he will refer you for chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment at a different clinic. If he believes that other interventions (i.e. spinal joint or nerve root injections) or a specialist consult (i.e. rheumatologist or surgeon) are required, he will facilitate a referral to the appropriate specialist.

*Note that you cannot self-refer to this service and your physician or nurse practitioner must refer you to the RAC LBP. Please contact us or your primary care provider if you would like more information on how to be referred to the program.

**Depending on your postal code, this assessment may take place at Crosstown Rehab or at a location closer to Sunnybrook.

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Rapid Access Clinic Low Back Pain: My Practice
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